The DMP Difference

The DMP Difference lather selection

DMP Leather has been making leather hides and product since 1985 and after much trial and error we have learned what works best. We call ourselves leather entrepreneurs because after 3 generation of selling and making leather, we’ve learned a thing or two. We don’t just make leather that’s pretty we make leather that functional. Leather can have many different characteristics depending on the use. Leather for making wallets can be very different from upholstery leather. When we make our hides we focus on the right color, feel, thickness, and etc. for the intended use. We also make many specialty leathers like water repellent and fire repellent hides.

Having our own tannery, we can custom make hides to exact specification. A lot of our customers already know what type of hide they want and just want a reliable source. Reverse engineering hides is our specialty, so please reach out if you want someone at DMP to take an in depth look at a certain type of leather. We are always available to give you, our feedback.

Finally, one of our core values is to be ethical when it comes to leather. That is why we make a variety of Veg Tanned and Chrome Free leathers. We also do not carry any exotic hides because we believe in humane sourcing of materials. We want our customers to be feel better with every purchase at DMP Leather by knowing this leather comes from a supplier who cares not just about the materials but also the environment.