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Discover the perfect blend of comfort and protection with our insulated welding gloves. Upgrade your safety game with Strongarm!

Is the Impact of Burns and Discomfort Hindering Your Workflow?

If you've been dealing with the heat affecting your work, consider upgrading to insulated welding gloves to tackle burns and enhance your focus. We understand the frustration of dealing with discomfort.

Our gloves are designed for comfort, providing a perfect fit that lets welders forget they're wearing them. They free you from the constraints of burns and discomfort, allowing you to move with a sense of freedom.

Yet, our insulated welding gloves aren’t just about protecting your hands; they aim to enhance your entire welding experience. Precision in welding requires focus, and our gloves ensure high-level protection, enabling you to concentrate on each weld with confidence.

Why Use Insulated Welding Gloves?

Aren’t you tired of feeling the heat on your hands every time you pick up the torch? The pair of Insulated welding gloves are here to cool things down. Our gloves are crafted with cutting-edge insulation technology which provides the ultimate defence against those scorching temperatures. Weld with confidence, knowing your hands are shielded from the sparks.

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Ultimate heat resistance
Perfect fit, zero discomfort
Turn struggles into strengths
Freedom of movement

New releases

Our Vision

At Strongarm we dream of a world where every welder steps into their workshop with confidence. Knowing that they have a reliable partner in the form of Strongarm’s insulated welding gloves. Our vision goes beyond just providing safety gear, we are here to empower welders and create, innovate and conquer the challenges without any compromise. Our commitment is to provide you with gloves that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We take pride in the projects we’ve contributed to, and set standards for welding safety.

TIG Insulated Welding Gloves

Our TIG welding gloves offer a delicate balance between dexterity and protection. These gloves are crafted with precision including insulation material to shield against heat and electric spark. 

MIG Insulated Welding Gloves

MIG welding gloves are like your tough and reliable partner. The insulation material in our MIG welding gloves is used to withstand intense heat generated in the MIG welding process.

Are these gloves suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Our gloves cater to both seasoned welders and beginners, providing a seamless experience for all skill levels.
What sizes are available?
Our range includes various sizes to accommodate different hand dimensions, to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. Check out our size chart to find your ideal match.
Can I use these gloves for TIG welding?
Yes, our gloves are designed for TIG, MIG, and various welding applications. These gloves are designed for versatility and can handle the demands of various welding techniques.
How do I care for my Strongarm’s Insulated Welding gloves?
Keeping your gloves in top condition is easy. Follow the care instructions provided with the gloves, usually involving mild cleaning solutions and air drying. This ensures they stay in top-notch condition.
Are welding gloves electrically insulated?
Yes! Insulated Welding Gloves provide not only heat resistance but also electrical insulation. Weld with confidence, knowing you're protected on multiple fronts.
Can I order these gloves internationally?
Yes, we offer global shipping! No matter where your welding adventures lead, our Insulated Welding Gloves can accompany you. Explore our shipping options at for more details.

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