At DMP Leather we are committed to bringing a high level of service in all aspects of our business. Our services have helped enable governments and businesses succeed in many areas where sourcing and manufacturing are required. Below are some of the services we specialize in.

Leather Hides

Cow Leather HideProcessing of animal skins to create various kinds of leathers is a rigors process which requires specialization and experience. The types of leather we carry are Cowhide, Goatskin, Lambskin, and Buffalo. We process these hides into different types of leathers using Chrome Free, Vegetable, and Chromium tanning methods. Our hides are made for many different industries including gloving, upholstery, shoe making, garments, and more.

Leather Garments

Leather JacketFrom making lambskin jackets for luxury French brands to producing leather vest and chaps for motorcyclist DMP Leather has made it all. Our current production line consists of all sorts of Leather Garments, such as Leather Jackets, Vests, Chaps, Skirts, exotic wear, and more.

Industrial, Sports, And Fashion Gloves

Leather Work Gloves

At DMP Leather glove manufacturing has always been a core function of our business. We provide a wide range of gloves for the fashion, industrial, and sports industries. Although, we have manufactured many different types of fashion gloves including driving gloves, motorcycling gloves, and bicycling glove our most popular styles remain in our industrial line. Our variety of industrial gloves include Wielding Gloves, Construction Gloves, Gardening Gloves, Water Repellent gloves, Oil and Drilling Gloves, Impact Resistant Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, Tactical Gloves and more. Most of our gloves are white labeled so please reach out to us to find out more.

As well as the above mentioned services at DMP Leather we pride ourselves in being diverse. We have worked in the manufacturing sector for over three decades acquiring knowledge of different techniques, skills, and strategies. Therefore, we urge our customers to ask about new products. Specializing in custom made products we enjoy bringing people's visions to life by helping them during the design process. We also provide inspection and sourcing services. We work with business as agents to provide them with products they need from trusted vendors. Countries we service include Pakistan, India, and China.