Gear Up for Safety and Style

Strong Arm Welding Apparel collection is a place where strength, safety, and style meet. From heavy-duty welding apparel to comfortable protective gear, our collection is designed for tough welders who demand the best. Buy our Strong Arm’s collection and stay protected in the most intense welding environments.

Our Vision 

We aim to provide welders with high-quality welding attire that exceeds their expectations. We prioritize your safety, comfort, and satisfaction by delivering the best tools to help you confidently accomplish any welding job. We focused on functional welding garments; we envision a future where welders have the gear they need to succeed and thrive. Our excellence commitment ensures welders are safer, more productive, and equipped to excel in their craft.

Why Our Welding Apparel Collection is Essential

Protection First

Your safety is paramount to us. Our welding apparel collection acts as a shield against intense heat and unpredictable sparks, safeguarding your hands with the utmost care.

Unparalleled Comfort

Bid farewell to hand fatigue. Our comfortable protective gears ensure you can work for hours with a snug fit akin to a second skin.

Created for Professional Welder

Our collection provides comprehensive coverage and protection, created by expert welders who keenly consider every detail.

Leather Excellence

Created from high-quality leather, we perfectly balance our products with flexibility and sturdiness. These aprons are not just any aprons but a statement of excellence.

Built to Last

Forget frequent replacements. Our products are engineered to endure the most demanding welding tasks and promise steadfast reliability over time.

Heat-Resistant Assurance

Facing extreme conditions? Fear not. Our expert craftsman engineer the products to withstand high temperatures, guaranteeing your safety and performance remain unaffected.

Customer Spotlight

Why We Choose Strong Arm Welding Apparel Every Time

"Safety is my top priority when it comes to welding, and Strongarm's welding apparel collection provides the protection I need without sacrificing mobility or comfort. Whether working in tight spaces or extreme temperatures, I trust Strongarm to keep me safe with comfortable protective gear."

Marcus L., Professional Welder 

“Strong Arm Welding doesn't just provide gear; it provides solutions. Their customer service team went above and beyond to help me find the perfect fit for my welding needs. With their expertise and dedication, I know I'm in good hands whenever I suit up.”

Antonio, Shop Owner 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the Strong Arm Welding Apparel Collection Different From Other Brands?

Strong arm welding prioritizes strength and safety in our apparel. Our gear is designed with premium materials and functional welding garments. Our innovative design is tough yet comfortable.

What Materials Are Used in Strong Arm’s Welding Apparel?


Strong arm utilizes high-quality welding attire materials like flame-resistant cotton, leather, and durable synthetic fabrics in its welding apparel collection. These materials protect against sparks, heat, and potential hazards encountered during welding tasks.

Are Strong Arm’s Welding Garments Comfortable to Wear?

Strong arm prioritizes safety and comfort in its welding apparel collection. The garments are designed with ergonomic considerations, ensuring ease of movement and breathability without compromising on protection.
Can Strong Arm’s Welding Apparel Protect Against Specific Hazards Like Sparks and Spatter?

Strong arm’s welding apparel is designed to protect against welding hazards such as sparks and radiant heat. The materials used are resistant to ignition and exposure to these hazards.

Are There Options for Different Types of Welding Within the Strong Arm’s Welding Apparel Collection?


Strong arm offers a variety of garments suitable for different welding processes, including mig, tig, stick, and more. Each garment is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of various welding techniques, ensuring optimal protection and performance.

Do You Offer Customization Options for Welding Apparel?

 We offer customization options for bulk orders of welding apparel, including adding company logos, names, or other designs for a personalized touch. Customization options may vary depending on the product and quantity.

You Deserve the Best Protection and Comfort

Experience the ultimate in protection and comfort. Order today and feel the difference for yourself.