Premium Materials & Sizing

Learning about Leather

At Strongarm Welding our main focus has always been on the materials. Just like with preparing meals we believe ingredients are everything. Better quality materials will always produce better functioning products. Thats why we use a variety of different premium leathers and FR fabrics to amplify each products capability. Please see below some of the different types of materials we use along with their attributes.



Cow grain leather has exceptional tear & abrasion resistance. It's incredibly resilient in all environments and is naturally spark and spatter resistant.


Goat Grain leather has high tensile strength and is more supple then cow leather. It's also resilient in all environments and naturally spark and spatter resistant.


Cow split leather has all the strength and qualities for cow grain leather but is less supple. It is usually used in gloves for extra exterior protection.


Fire Repellent cotton is a light and breathable fabric specifically treated for exceptional Fire & Spark repellence. This makes it light weight and easy to wear in hotter environments while still keeping people protected.


Kevlar is a specially designed yarn that is fire and cut resistant. It is used in many products like gloves and body Armour because of its enhanced safety and strength.